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Eggs fresh from the farm are simply better!

Eggs are among the healthiest foods a person can eat. Full of essential vitamins and proteins, they provide us with many nutritional benefits. That said, are farm-fresh eggs truly different than the ones you can find in the supermarket?

The real benefits of free-range eggs are in their nutritional value. Studies show several advantages to farm-fresh eggs, including:

  • less cholesterol

  • less saturated fat

  • increased vitamins A, E and D

  • more omega-3 fatty acids

  • more beta carotene

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to the human body’s day-to-day functions and help to prevent several chronic diseases. Chickens eat things such as bugs, leafy greens, corn and flowers—ingredients absent from the diet of caged hens.

The vitamins in eggs are all extremely beneficial to the human diet. Many people have a vitamin-D deficiency, though they might not know it, and can suffer the health issues associated with this deficiency.

Pasture-raised eggs are widely regarded as one of the best food sources for vitamin D . This is especially important today as Vitamin D is believed to help with combating Covid.

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