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In-season wedding blooms - on trend for 2021 and beyond

More and more couples are adopting a trend that will hopefully live on forever - using local blooms that are in season for their wedding flowers.

Many environmentally conscious brides and grooms want to plan a wedding that is not only beautiful and a lot of fun, but also respectful of the environment and supportive of local businesses. Using locally available flowers – whether from a Sweetwater Flowers, or some generous gardening friends – is one way to have a “green wedding” and also to create a special ambiance that imported hothouse flowers can’t match. Live plants and flowers add a special kind of magic to the atmosphere of the ceremony – and the incredible freshness of locally grown bouquets adds a blessing of life to your wedding flowers. has assembled a range of other wedding flower trends for you to consider as you plan your wedding.

One that we are especially intrigued by is the notion of creating a "meadow isle"

Whether you’re tying the knot in front of 10 or 20 of your nearest and dearest, that walk down the aisle is just as special. The concept of creating an “aisle meadow” is definitely trending for 2021. This creates a way to frame the couple, along with their guests, during the ceremony. Aisle meadows are serious focal points. But couples are using this as an Instagrammable moment for their guests to take photos with as well

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